Twitter Adds Public View Counts To Tweets

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Elon Musk announced today that Twitter will now show view counts on tweets, giving users more insight into the reach of other users’ material.

Twitter’s tweet view count, otherwise referred to as impressions, was previously only readily available to the account that released the tweet.

The exception, as Musk notes, are videos, which have generally shown a view count.

A tweet’s view count will be shown under the primary material and will update in genuine time as the tweet is seen.

The choice to make tweet impressions public seems motivated by the idea that it will make Twitter look more active.

Tweet view counts will give outside observers a much better understanding of the prospective reach and effect content can have on Twitter. In Musk’s view, this might motivate more individuals to join and get involved on Twitter.

For brands and businesses, view counts will be a practical way to determine the reach and engagement of sponsored material on the platform.

Knowing the number of impressions other peoples’ tweets get can also help businesses recognize genuine influencers in their specific niche, as engagement numbers do not inform the entire story.

As others have currently pointed out, public view counts can possibly expose accounts that artificially inflate their engagement and follower numbers.

In time we’ll come to know who genuinely has an audience on Twitter and who has a big percentage of non-active fans.

Included Image: Phil Pasquini/SMM Panel